The Starfolk



photo by Christian Erickson

photo by Christian Erickson

Project Poppycock Review: The Starfolk Amaze on Forthcoming Self-titled Debut LP  “It’s the greatest 90’s album made in 2013 and I mean that in the highest regard. This is a sound I thought lost to a new genre of pop, but it is always reassuring to see groups like The Starfolk still bringing the kind of sound that leaves a little more to the imagination and gives a little more back to the genre than they take. Substance still holds court over style on this album.”

Rob Van Alstyne, City Pages The Starfolk Shoot For the Moon “Tighe still boasts that distinctively airy tenor and a penchant for setting beautiful vocal melodies atop unusual chord progressions — recently described with rightful awe by Messersmith as “like doing ballet in a minefield.” In fact, the Starfolk achieve a far broader sound than that of their frontman’s power-pop past.”

PNSmith, GIGSoup Track of the Day  “Easy, easy, easy winner of today’s GIGsoup Track of the Day. The catchy, guitar thrashing “Into the Clouds” from The Starfolk is one of the stand-out tracks from the bands self-titled album (released via Korda Records) and deserves its single release.  The album really is one of the best from 2013 and we at GIGsoup certainly recommend you take a listen. It’s a beautifully written and well produced selection of 12 tracks that simply don’t seem to tire.”

Jon Hunt, L’étoile Magazine  “The Starfolk is an auspicious debut from this group that’s every bit as great as the best Hang-Ups record was, and that’s saying something.”

Geoffrey Stueven, The Big Takeover “The present iteration of Tighe’s Anglophilia lands The Starfolk somewhere near the land of The Left Banke in the time of The Three O’Clock, and that’s the kind of music that gets me all fired up with religious fervour.”

Erik Thompson , City Pages Gimme Noise: Korda Records Showcase With Jim Ruiz Set, the Ocean Blue, the Starfolk, and Typsy Panthre 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis
January 12, 2013 “On a frigid Saturday night in Minneapolis, the four bands associated with upstart local label Korda Records made everyone temporarily forget about the cold outside by delivering a solid showcase filled with bright, buoyant pop songs that heated up the Entry. The club was filled with tiny electric candles…”

Chris Riemenschneider, Star/Tribune “Split singles/EPs are usually pure novelty, but not in the case of the “Lemon-Lime EP” with the Owls offshoot band the Starfolk and a new trip-hoppy act called Typsy Panthre. That’s because Allison LaBonne’s unmistakable Nico-esque vocals lead both acts. In the Starfolk, she and hubby Brian Tighe team with Jelloslave cellist Jacqueline Ultan for a more urgent spin on the Owls’ ethereal folk…”

Erik Thompson, City Pages Gimme Noise “In advance of the Korda Records showcase at the Entry this Saturday night, one of the label’s four bands, the Starfolk, released a new video for ‘From Above’…”

David de Young,  “[The Starfolk] have been one of my favorite new bands since I first heard them in the fall of 2009…”

Cristy Scoggins, Smile Politely “Just like the title, this EP by The Starfolk/Typsy Panthre  is a little lemon-lime gem…”