The Starfolk


The Starfolk Self Titled, a Carbon Neutral Release


We did it!  The Starfolk self titled is out today on Korda Records; the label we started with friends.  If you’ve read my blog The Wednesday Post, you may know that I (Allison) am always on the lookout for ways to eliminate packaging waste.

We decided to use recycled jewel cases for The Starfolk release.   I scoured craigs list, record stores, radio stations for used cases; purchased many and some were given to me.  The greater challenge was that we had to assemble the cds ourselves.  Many dear friends, including our Korda Komrades pitched in to help.  We want to thank Vanessa & Jeremy Messersmith, Jim Ruiz, Jeff Kearns, Kathy Olmstead, David & Janel Schelzel, Mike, Charlotte & Jane Crabtree, and Jim Sexton for their generous assistance.  We could’ve done it without you, but it would’ve been a real drag!

In an effort to make this release carbon neutral, we also purchased a 7 metric ton carbon offset.  Breathe easy and enjoy the music!




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