The Starfolk


free concert @ Northrop Plaza!


7/29/15 12:00pm enjoy an outdoor concert w/The Starfolk!  Info here.  The Starfolk will also be playing an intimate early eve gig 7/19/15 @ Honey 7PM w/pals The Chinch Bugs!

review of  The Chinch BugsBroke CD! (LMNOP Reviews)
The folks in The Chinch Bugs seem to hanging around with all the right people. Broke was produced by Brian Tighe, best known as the man behind the criminally-overlooked yet mindblowingly incredible pop band The Hang Ups (we highly recommend everything that the band has ever recorded). As if that weren’t reason enough to check out this self-released album, Joey Molland (of Badfinger) even plays lead guitar on one track (“Chardonnay”). The Chinch Bugs are comprised of Scott Wolf (bass), Lila Karash (guitars, vocals), Jenny Loupe (oboe, English horn, vocals, keyboard), and Jimmy Sexton (drums, percussion, vocals, organ). These four musicians are obviously driven by a love of pop music. Their music is simple, direct, and ultimately inspired. Instead of doing what is the norm this century (using digital technology to hide a lack of talent), these folks present their music using only the basics and they never bury them in overdubs. Sincerity and good intentions just ooze out of these cool tracks. Our favorite cuts include “Chardonnay,” “Broke,” “Lizard’s Dress,” and “Take Me Away.” Totally groovy modern pop with a cool consciousness.

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