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Lyric: A Musical, Poetic Night @ Southern Theater!


Allison & Brian of The Starfolk join poet/songwriter Brian Laidlaw for a unique musical-literary event, as we celebrate the release of Laidlaw’s new book of poetry “The Stuntman” and companion album of songs.

LYRIC : Brian Laidlaw / Allison LaBonne & Brian Tighe / Joe Horton / Chris Martin

The Southern Theater

Tuesday September 29th, 7PM

Bob Dylan famously said, “Anything I can sing, I call a song. Anything I can’t sing, I call a poem.”

Where is the line between a poem and a song? Is there one? Does it matter? When songwriters like Ryan Adams, Jeff Tweedy, and Billy Corgan publish collections of poetry, are they committing alchemy or blasphemy? And what do we do with the fact that Jewel’s often-ridiculed book A Night Without Armor sold over 2 million copies, making it one of the bestselling poetry collections of all time?

This evening presents a gathering of authors, musicians, and author-musicians discussing and performing their work. Featuring Brian Laidlaw, whose latest poetry collection, THE STUNTMAN, has been translated from poetry into music and back again, in concert with Allison Labonne and Brian Tighe (The Starfolk, The Owls); Joe Horton, rapper, fiction writer, and essayist; and Chris Martin, poet and rapper. They will perform music from their work that either resulted from literary experiment or led to it, and then will break down how that happened in conversation. This evening will rock more than a poetry reading, but you will leave smarter than you would be post-rock show. To all you poets who want to be treated like rockstars, and all you rockstars who would like a little respect for your brilliant turns of phrase, this night is for you.

Presented by Milkweed Editions and the Southern Theater. Your $10 entry breaks down to support the venue and book publisher, the artists, and the cross-pollination of music and literature.

1: a lyric composition, specif: a lyric poem
2: the words of a song
or: suitable for singing to the lyre (!)

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