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July 13, 2016
by the starfolk

The Starfolk with K Record’s Calvin Johnson and Ice Palace 7.29.16!


Calvin Johnson, the founder of K Records and seminal indie-diy bands like Beat Happening performs live in Minneapolis 7.29.16 as Selector Dub Narcotic, in support of SDN’s debut album This Party Is Just Getting Started.  Pitchfork just premiered his debut single “Hotter Than Hott“–don’t miss this rare chance to let Mr. Johnson alter your musical reality up close and personal!

Gorgeous music by chamber pop trio The Starfolk will precede Calvin, and a long awaited return to the stage from Minneapolis ambient folk heart-melters Ice Palace will open the night!  Tickets

•  Selector Dub Narcotic (Calvin Johnson)  •  The Starfolk  •  Ice Palace  •  Friday July 29 • Doors 7:30 PM • @Aldrich Ave Church • 3501 Aldrich Ave S Minneapolis • All Ages • $10 • Tickets




February 18, 2016
by the starfolk

Join us @ Korda 3 Showcase 3.18.16 7th St Entry!

Excited to share the stage with such dear friends and talented music makers!  Featuring Jim Ruiz Set, The Ocean Blue,  Deep Pool and The Starfolk joined by guest DJ Transmission’s Jake Rudh–get your tickets here and get ready for a melody packed night of musical wonderment!  Sponsored by 89.3 The Current.

Friday, March 18th 2016 •  $12 advance/$17 door
7th Street Entry, Minneapolis
7PM door / 8PM showtime

It will also be the release celebration for Korda 3 Komp featuring rare music from our rad roster.  There is a deep discount for pre-sale tickets, and distinct danger of sell-out so don’t delay, scoot through the link and secure tix today!

Tie a string on your finger for March 18 2016, and do not pass go, go directly to —->



December 27, 2015
by the starfolk

“MUSIC UNDER GLASS” Featuring The Starfolk

“Set to kick off December 27 with the chamber-pop stylings of the Starfolk, the free series will bring local music talent to the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory’s 2-acre tropical wonderland, a welcome reprieve from the frozen deathscape we call home.” –City Pages

Free! All Ages! See you there!
Como Park Conservatory
1225 Estabrook Dr
St. Paul, MN 55103
(651) 487-8201

4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

The Starfolk is a melody-rich chamber pop group featuring Brian Tighe, Allison LaBonne, Jacqueline Ultan, and Greg Schutte.

September 22, 2015
by the starfolk

Lyric: A Musical, Poetic Night @ Southern Theater!

Allison & Brian of The Starfolk join poet/songwriter Brian Laidlaw for a unique musical-literary event, as we celebrate the release of Laidlaw’s new book of poetry “The Stuntman” and companion album of songs.

LYRIC : Brian Laidlaw / Allison LaBonne & Brian Tighe / Joe Horton / Chris Martin

The Southern Theater

Tuesday September 29th, 7PM

Bob Dylan famously said, “Anything I can sing, I call a song. Anything I can’t sing, I call a poem.”

Where is the line between a poem and a song? Is there one? Does it matter? When songwriters like Ryan Adams, Jeff Tweedy, and Billy Corgan publish collections of poetry, are they committing alchemy or blasphemy? And what do we do with the fact that Jewel’s often-ridiculed book A Night Without Armor sold over 2 million copies, making it one of the bestselling poetry collections of all time?

This evening presents a gathering of authors, musicians, and author-musicians discussing and performing their work. Featuring Brian Laidlaw, whose latest poetry collection, THE STUNTMAN, has been translated from poetry into music and back again, in concert with Allison Labonne and Brian Tighe (The Starfolk, The Owls); Joe Horton, rapper, fiction writer, and essayist; and Chris Martin, poet and rapper. They will perform music from their work that either resulted from literary experiment or led to it, and then will break down how that happened in conversation. This evening will rock more than a poetry reading, but you will leave smarter than you would be post-rock show. To all you poets who want to be treated like rockstars, and all you rockstars who would like a little respect for your brilliant turns of phrase, this night is for you.

Presented by Milkweed Editions and the Southern Theater. Your $10 entry breaks down to support the venue and book publisher, the artists, and the cross-pollination of music and literature.

1: a lyric composition, specif: a lyric poem
2: the words of a song
or: suitable for singing to the lyre (!)

ARTshare Members: FREE

Laidlaw 2

July 7, 2015
by the starfolk

free concert @ Northrop Plaza!

7/29/15 12:00pm enjoy an outdoor concert w/The Starfolk!  Info here.  The Starfolk will also be playing an intimate early eve gig 7/19/15 @ Honey 7PM w/pals The Chinch Bugs!

review of  The Chinch BugsBroke CD! (LMNOP Reviews)
The folks in The Chinch Bugs seem to hanging around with all the right people. Broke was produced by Brian Tighe, best known as the man behind the criminally-overlooked yet mindblowingly incredible pop band The Hang Ups (we highly recommend everything that the band has ever recorded). As if that weren’t reason enough to check out this self-released album, Joey Molland (of Badfinger) even plays lead guitar on one track (“Chardonnay”). The Chinch Bugs are comprised of Scott Wolf (bass), Lila Karash (guitars, vocals), Jenny Loupe (oboe, English horn, vocals, keyboard), and Jimmy Sexton (drums, percussion, vocals, organ). These four musicians are obviously driven by a love of pop music. Their music is simple, direct, and ultimately inspired. Instead of doing what is the norm this century (using digital technology to hide a lack of talent), these folks present their music using only the basics and they never bury them in overdubs. Sincerity and good intentions just ooze out of these cool tracks. Our favorite cuts include “Chardonnay,” “Broke,” “Lizard’s Dress,” and “Take Me Away.” Totally groovy modern pop with a cool consciousness.

May 21, 2015
by the starfolk

The Starfolk @ Aster Cafe 5/22/15

Join The Starfolk,  2Red, and Jelloslave for a unique night of cello-filled music!  Beautiful pop hooks, improvisation, and experimentation will all be taking flight.

@Aster Cafe, 125 Main St SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

The Starfolk makes melody-rich chamber pop music that rocks in front man Brian Tighe’s quintessentially ethereal way. Tighe fronted power-pop darlings The Hang Ups in the 90’s, co-fronts bittersweet girl-boy poppers The Owls, and plays lead guitar with the belovedly hush-toned Jeremy Messersmith. The Starfolk three-piece (sans drums) highlights the gentler chamber folk/pop nuances of their songs.  Featuring Allison LaBonne (The Owls, Typsy Panthre) on bass and vocals, and Jacqueline Ultan (Jelloslave, Saltee) on cello. Their debut full length is out now on Korda Records.

9:30pm – 2RED
2Red is Michelle’s new project with Queen Drea. Queen Drea and Michelle Kinney play with dense layers of cello and vocal orchestrations, combining distinctly different musical influences and styles, to create a sound like no other. 2Red may come to the gig with a framework of original songs and surprising covers, but due to their mutual love of improvisation, EVERY performance will be different!

Jelloslave plays an eclectic mix of original compositions and unique arrangements of pop and world music and features Jacqueline Ultan and Michelle Kinney, cellos; Greg Schutte, drums; Gary Waryan, tabla.

April 9, 2015
by the starfolk


5/15/15 The Starfolk joins Camp Dark  for their “Nightmare in a Day” Release Show @ Icehouse.   Lott is also playing.  Sweet bill, nice club, check out haunting new song/video from Camp Dark!

Camp Dark‘s first offering, Nightmare In A Day, (or Beware the Night) started as a collection of song skeletons composed by Adam Svec and Graham O’Brien. The meat on the bones was added by a list of wonderful players (see the list of contributors). The arrangement of the limbs, direction of the hair, and shade of the makeup was largely generated and organized by O’Brien.
The combination of the heavy lyrical content settled against a gorgeous sonic landscape reminiscent of Radiohead’s “Let Down” or Bjork’s”Yoga” makes for a musical experience that will have the audiophiles reaching for their headphones and the motorists choosing the long way home.
Contributors (in alphabetical order): Dan Choma, Matt Friesen, deVon Russell Gray, John Keston, Matt Leavitt, Robert Mulrennan, Casey O’Brien, Chris Salter.

LOTT is the solo project of Minneapolis musician Leah Ottman (We Are The Willows, Better Bones, and batteryboy). The music project of LOTT started as a desire to express her creativity and love for the violin by merging the two worlds of classical and contemporary music.
The core inspiration for LOTT’s compositions is the Romantic Period of classical music. The chordalstructures, intervals, and melodies heard throughout her songs are reminiscent of those used by AntoninDvorak, Alexander Borodin, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, French Impressionist composer, Maurice Ravel, and then condensed into pop songs. She explores the range on her violin by utilizing a looping pedal and similar techniques employed by looping violinist pioneers, Andrew Bird, Kishi Bashi, and Owen Pallet.


January 1, 2015
by the starfolk

TPRI from Estonia @ 7th St Entry 1.15.15

Super excited that The Starfolk will share a night at 7th St Entry with Estonian Psychedelic Pop band Tartu Popi Ja Roki Instituut (Tartu Pop and Rock Institute) who will visit Minneapolis on their first ever U.S. Tour!  TPRI released a split 7″ on the great local label MPLS LTD (who put out the first split 7″ by The Starfolk + Typsy Panthre), and they have a new release available via our friends at Minty Fresh (Jim Ruiz’s label for his first two records).  They already practically feel like family!  Basement Apartment is also playing, don’t miss this rare night of music!

Tartu Pop and Rock Institute + Basement Apartment + The Starfolk

7th Street Entry, January 15 2015, 8PM